They say time is money - but we think it’s far more valuable. It is more than alarm clocks and deadlines and something we’re always running short on. 

It is more than sand slipping through an hourglass or the high noon sun inching its way toward the western sky. It is more than a mirage-like illusion or something we’re always chasing. 

Let’s exchange chasing time for the thrill of the chase. There are new places to see and new frontiers to discover. There are new heights to climb and new milestones to reach. On long, open roads, we’re never short on time. 

We want to go where being on time is never an issue. Where rugged, mountain skylines are our compass. Where barren lands are our playgrounds. Where solitude is our companion. Where time is not something to be measured against. 

Can time even truly be measured? Is a minute of freedom worth the same as a minute held down by the status quo?

We don’t think so. 

We don’t have to save time if we want to spend it. We don’t have to wait for the right moment if we want to embrace the one that’s right in front of us. 

Rather than gripping tightly to time, we choose to grip the steering wheel of adventure. We choose to move forward and to venture into the unknown. To explore unexpected places.

Rather than watching time pass by, we choose to seize it. We seize the day, the hour, and the moment. 

We aren’t bound by time. We are traversers of it. Nomads who travel time. Who choose not to race against the clock but to ride its wave of momentum.  

This is more than a watch. It is something timeless. It is a timepiece that will mark your most daring moments. There’s no time for gear that doesn’t hold up in the face of new challenges. Durable. No-nonsense. It is versatile enough to match wherever you may end up. There’s no time for passivity. It’s time to get out there.